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Dental Technology

The Latest in Modern Dental Technology Used in Dr. Mighion’s Mishawaka Dental Office

Remaining at the forefront of dentistry means constantly evaluating and implementing the right technology for our patients. At our Mishawaka dental office, we practice conservative dentistry at our state-of-the-art office, offering accurate diagnoses and efficient, comfortable care.

Digital X-rays & Digital Imaging

Radiography is important for proper diagnosis and effective treatment. Now digital radiography offers more concise, clear images with up to 80% less radiation. With instant review on a chairside monitor and the conveniences associated with the storage and transfer of digital files, digital X-rays offer marked advantages over their conventional counterparts.

We leverage digital imaging technology, including Planmaca’s Cone Beam technology so that we can leverage the many benefits of 3D imaging as well as use them to share helpful information in patient consultations.

E4D Dental Crowns

Dr. Mighion can repair a compromised tooth in a single visit with E4D dental crowns. By combining digital scanning, advanced imaging and rendering software, an accurate color matching system, and a precise milling machine, E4D creates lifelike all-porcelain crowns and other restorations in about an hour.

Ozone Therapy

A revolution and modern medical miracle, we’ve harnessed the safe healing power of ozone gas to destroy cavity-causing bacteria and reverse its effects. This comfortable treatment means less drilling, less risk of infection, and much less stress at dental visits. We leverage ozone therapy with endodontics (root canal therapy), periodontal disease treatment, as well as in cavity treatment.

OralID Oral Screening

Very simply, early detection of oral cancer saves lives and a screening every six months is imperative to your oral health. Dr. Mighion not only provides an expert sight exam, but also uses OralID to spot problems before they are visible to the naked eye. A comfortable, accurate screening tool, OralID uses a special light to detect areas of potential concern.

Laser Dentistry

We use Convergent Dental’s Solea All Tissue Laser tool to help with a variety of procedures, including frenulum release, to help with gummy smiles, as well as to give Dr. Mighion the ability to offer pain free dental fillings without anesthesia.  Laser dentistry offers a variety of benefits including the fact that you won’t need sutures after laser dental procedures.

Choose Dr. Mighion for Gentle and Cutting Edge Dentistry

At Dr. George A. Mighion’s dental office, we care about patient comfort as well as results. We continually strive to bring you the latest in dental technology so that you and your loved ones get the most out of each dentist appointment. Is it time to book a dental exam? Are you interested in which cosmetic dentistry options are available in Mishawaka so that you can improve your smile and your confidence? Call our office today at 574.393.8663 to book your appointment.