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Diabetes and Periodontal Disease

Mishawaka, IN Diabetics Need Additional Periodontal Care

For Mishawaka, IN residents with Diabetes, it’s important to take care of your oral health as part of your efforts to control your blood sugar levels. Your periodontal health can have a significant impact on your blood sugar levels and on the reverse side of things, Diabetes can mean that you are more susceptible to gum disease.

As you can see, it’s a vicious cycle that needs to be carefully managed. At Dr. Mighion’s Mishawaka, Indiana dental office, we have patients who receive extra care due to their Diabetes. We also encourage patients who receive a Diabetes diagnosis to notify us so that extra care can be taken to monitor your gum health.

The team at our cosmetic and family dentistry office is well-versed in helping Diabetics protect their smile.  We are taking on new patients and we offer general / preventative dentistry as well as cosmetic dentistry, help for sleep apnea with oral appliances, headache relief through TMJ treatment, as well as sedation dentistry and non-surgical periodontal treatment options.

Your Gums & Systemic Links

Periodontal / gum disease is known to be destructive to the teeth but it can also have a negative impact on many other areas of your health, too. Why?

It’s believed to be due to the ongoing active infection of periodontal disease, which can be inhaled into the lungs (causing respiratory problems), which is absorbed into the blood stream, which even goes into the gut (increasing risk of recurring stomach ulcers), and the list of negative health consequences goes on.  More and more, medical research points to the connection between health and longevity with oral wellness.

Because diabetes can have so many detrimental health effects, managing your oral health so that it doesn’t exacerbate diabetes is important. And conversely, taking good care of your gums could ensure that it doesn’t increase your risk for blood sugar problems that could be a direct result.

Choose Dr. Mighion for Periodontal Expertise

Dr. Mighion and his team can help patients avoid dental disease as well as help treat mild to moderate cases of gum disease if it is something you are already dealing with. If you have diabetes, please let us know so that we can tailor your oral care accordingly. Call us at 574.393.8663 if you want to talk about changes in your health and how it could impact your dental care or to book a dental examination and gum health assessment.