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E4D Crowns: Get Beautiful Crowns Quickly in Mishawaka, IN from Dr. George Mighion

E4D dental crowns are available here at Dr. George Mighion’s Mishawaka, IN dental office. Dental crowns are used in a number of ways and we leverage them here in dental implants, to cap a tooth, with root canals, and more.

Traditionally, dental crowns are something you must wait for as many dentists don’t have the in-house technology to craft them for you so rely on outsourcing to a local laboratory. At Dr. Mighion’s dental office, we understand that our patients are busy and having to come in for multiple dental crown appointments is a hassle. E4D one-visit dental crowns allow a single appointment in many cases and do so without sacrificing quality. In about two and a half hours, you’ll have your crowns. Dr. Mighion understands that savvy patients want quality care and convenience without sacrificing the look of their smile and that’s why we offer E4D One-Visit Crowns. Patients can do business here in our office, run an errand, or enjoy a book while we craft gorgeous crowns just for you.

E4D Dental Crowns: Benefits

Why choose E4D dental crowns? Milling is completed in about an hour and your tooth preparation and placement of that crown are generally done in just one visit. They look and feel amazing, matching colors to blend seamlessly into your smile, and there is no need for a temporary crown when you choose E4D crowns.

This awesome dental technology includes an advanced digital imaging system used right here in our office to create customized porcelain dental crowns. They work wonderfully in any application a crown can be used for and they are durable as well.

Whether you need dental implants or implant restorations, need to cap a damaged tooth, are interested in a crown because of a root canal, or need an existing dental crown replaced, we invite you to call the dental office of Dr. Mighion today for a consultation.

Learn More About E4 Crowns from Dr. Mighion’s Mishawaka Dental Office

If you’re looking for a caring and gentle dentist with a variety of family and cosmetic dentistry treatment options, you owe it to yourself to consider Dr. Mighion. He and his team strive to make every dental appointment a pleasant experience where you can take good care of your smile. Whether you need a dental exam, a root canal, are interested in dental implants, or another dental area, we invite you to contact us at 574.393.8663 to book your appointment.

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