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Emergency Dental Care

Tips for Handling Dental Emergencies from Dr. George A. Mighion’s Mishawaka, IN Dental Office

Dental emergencies never happen at a convenient time, of course, but there are some things you can do to help you deal with an emergency until you are able to get to your dentist. At the Mishawaka, IN dental office of Dr. George A. Mighion, we strive to help our patients handle dental emergencies as quickly as possible.

Whether you have lost a filling, have a toothache or gum pain, have damaged a crown, dental veneer, or have another problem with your teeth or gums, feel free to contact us for an emergency dental appointment. If you have severe bleeding or there are other issues at play, it could be in your best interests to go to a hospital emergency room first and then follow-up with us after you’ve been seen by an emergency physician.

Loss of a Temporary Dental Crown

If a temporary crown falls out, dental adhesives (found in a pharmacy) can typically be used to re-attach it temporarily until you can get into our office.

Tooth Knocked Out

Sometimes the tooth can be re-attached. Bring it to our office in a zippered bag or a container of milk as quickly as you can.  Alternatively, if possible, carefully hold it in the socket where it originated on your way to our office.

Cut/Bitten Tongue or Lip

Most tongue lacerations heal quickly. Cleansing the cut with water and using a cold compress can stop the bleeding. If bleeding doesn’t stop soon after the cut or laceration, attend your local emergency room as stitches might be needed.

Chipped or Broken Teeth

Rinse your mouth in warm water and use a cold compress, if needed, to reduce swelling on the way to our office. A cracked or broken tooth should be rinsed immediately with warm water.  We can provide information on restorative dental procedures that will help.

A Broken Jaw

If you suspect that you have a broken jaw, it should be dealt with as quickly as possible at a local emergency room.  If any restorative or cosmetic dental work needs to be addressed as a result, we can review your options with you after your jaw has healed.

Dental Pain / Toothache

Dental pain can happen for a variety of reasons, including debris between the teeth. Attempt to rinse and floss around the painful tooth. If this doesn’t help, Ibuprofen or topical analgesics can be of assistance until you are able to get into our office. Please don’t neglect a toothache, bleeding gums, or sores on the gums. Dental infections need to be addressed as soon as possible.

Debris Stuck Between Your Teeth

Debris in the mouth can be stubborn, at times. Dental floss and dental rinses can be very helpful. Avoid using sharp objects to remove debris between the teeth.

Call our Mishawaka, Indiana dental office today at 574.393.8663 to book an appointment or get further information for help with dental emergencies.