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Highly recommend

I was way over due to see a dentist. Like many people, I hate the thought of going.
Dr. Mighion sat down with me to discuss what work was needed. I was put at ease and wasn't shamed for the neglect I had put on myself for not going regularly to a dentist. His staff was wonderful as well. I feel much better and confident in returning to get the much needed work done!
Thanks so much:)

Amy Paton

Happy client

Super friendly

Most definitely the best dental experience I have ever had and let me tell you I dislike going to any dentist. Completely friendly funny and informative. Great experience

Angela Verduin

Happy client

Very professional service

I was nervous being there. From the minute I walked in I was met with smiling faces which calmed me down. My hygienist listened to my concerns and did everything to make my experience pain free.

Chris Nagy

Happy client

Friendly staff

The hygienists at Dr. Mighion office are always very nice; in particular the one who attended me today is usually exceptionally good.
She made me feel comfortable, and her cleaning was gentle at the same time effective. Thank you!

Cici Muna

Happy client

Professional team

Very pleasant office staff. Doctor. Migion explains everything so that I understood it. Very nice man I would recommend him.

Robin Haack

Happy client