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Dental implants technology is really safe and long lasting. With the current technology, it is the most cost effective and permanent way to replace lost teeth and also to prevent further mouth problems resulting from missing teeth.

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The reason why there are different types of dental implant procedures is simple — no one mouth is the same; and what will work for one person may not work for another. Based on each situation, a dentist may have to tweak up the procedure to fit your needs and have a successful surgery.

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Single tooth implant

This refers to the basic dental implant procedure to replace one tooth. It uses one implants, abutment, and crown.

Fixed and/or removable bridges

Similar to implant supported dentures, this process refers to the use of implants used to support bridgework. The bridges are detachable from the implants, and unlike bridges without the use of implants, bridges supported by implants won’t cause bone loss and weak teeth.

Multiple tooth implants

When replacing multiple teeth, less implants are typically used to support many teeth. For example, to replace the entire top row of a patient’s teeth, 4 or 6 implants may be enough to support them all.

Other stats implants

Tooth loss can occur anytime. Here are some facts about dental implants that you should know.

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97.5% of Implants stay intact in the first 6-7 years

Dental implants have a 99,1% success rate backed by more than 50 years of clinical research

Traditional dentures last up to 7-15 years while dental implants last 20 years or even longer (+30%)

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Dr. George A. Mighion and his dental team want to make your experience at the dentist a pleasant one. It’s our goal to help you achieve your goal of having a healthy, attractive, and functional smile that you’re proud to show off.

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We designed our Mishawaka practice with you in mind. Advanced technology and soothing amenities will make your visit a calm, comfortable experience. Dr. Mighion and his team are dedicated to delivering clinically excellent care while always focusing on your unique needs.

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Remaining at the forefront of dentistry means constantly evaluating and implementing the right technology for our patients. At our Mishawaka dental office, we practice conservative dentistry at our state-of-the-art office, offering accurate diagnoses and efficient, comfortable care.

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Our goal is to provide you with outstanding service in a caring and comfortable atmosphere. We pay attention to the details, because it’s the little things that count!