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Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Screening: Painless, Effective, and Available from Dr. Mighion’s Mishawaka, IN Dental Office

Oral cancer has deadly implications. The most common risk factors are smoking and excessive alcohol use but about ¼ of cases happen without these risk factors and frighteningly, we lose an American to oral cancer once per hour of every day.

If diagnosed, only 50% of those diagnosed live longer than five years. The good news is that Oral Cancer can be detected early by your dentist and if caught at the early stages, it has a very good remission rate.

Oral Cancer and the Connection to Oral Sex

Because of viral hepatitis, oral cancer is on the rise and it’s no longer just the middle-aged male smoker/drinker that should worry.  Young adults are being diagnosed more and more often due to the connection between oral sex and oral cancer. Of all the cancers, oral has not seen a decline. This is due to the fact that it is often not found until stage 3 or 4, reducing the survival rate substantially. Early detection is essential.

With the OralID, it is possible to find cellular changes at the very early stage, thus increasing survival rate.

Dr. George A. Mighion and his dental team believe in prevention and Oral Cancer screening is something we make part of our routine. Anything suspect will be looked at more closely so that we can eliminate a diagnosis of Oral Cancer, if possible, and help you get treatment if it is found. Another element of good news is that Oral Cancer screening is painless with OralID.

OralID: A Painless Oral Cancer Screening Tool

We wholeheartedly believe in investing in our patients by using dental technology to benefit your comfort and to help us give you the best care possible. OralID offers a non-invasive and pain-free oral screening, which shines a light on anything unusual, so that we can investigate further.

Signs of Oral Cancer

White or red spots or sores on the gums or inside the cheeks could be a sign that close investigation or a biopsy might be needed. If you have sores that do not heal in the mouth, changes in color, lumps, thickening, numbness, or anything else unusual on your gums, inner cheeks, or lips between dental examinations, call us for an appointment so that we can further investigate. These symptoms might not be Oral Cancer but it’s important to investigate promptly so that it can, preferably, be ruled out or, diagnosed and treated aggressively.

Together with our Mishawaka, Indiana dental team, you can lower your chances of Oral Cancer and other deadly dental diseases.  Contact us for further information and / or visit

Dr. Mighion and His Team: Great for Your Oral Health

If you want to a bright, beautiful and healthy smile, call our Mishawaka, Indiana dental office at 574.216.4064/ Talk to us about dental check-ups, cleanings, oral screening for Cancer, gum disease, and / or about smile makeovers or full mouth reconstruction. Dr. Mighion also specializes as a sedation dentist who can even help you stop snoring through sleep apnea oral appliances.