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Gum Disease and Osteoporosis

Untreated Gum Disease’s Effect on Your Bones

How can gum disease hurt bone health? And can poor bone density be a sign of things to come with oral health problems?

The older we get, the more our lifestyle choices and heredity can take a toll. Gum disease, like osteoporosis, can be something you are more susceptible to because of your age and your health but there are also things you can do to lower the chances of both of these diseases having an impact on your life and your health. A strong connection points to the health of the mouth and the health of our body being closely related and your Mishawaka, Indiana dentist, Dr. Mighion, can help. We assess gum health at every dental examination and where there are signs of gum disease, we can offer customized treatment options based on your health.

Osteoporosis Diagnosis? Check Your Gums

If you’ve had a diagnosis of osteoporosis, it’s a good time to check your gum health because the presence of either one of these serious health issues could point to the existence of the other.

Bone density issues could increase your chances of associated gum problems.  When gum disease is present, there is bone loss in the jaw, and you are post-menopausal, it’s a sign that you might want to consider a bone density test.

Signs of gum disease include gum tenderness, redness, sores, discomfort, and of course: bleeding gums. If you have signs of gum disease, we can often offer non-surgical solutions to stop periodontal disease from progressing and having a further impact on your smile and your overall health.  Dr. Mighion offers Ozone Dentistry and other non-surgical periodontal treatments that can help. When was your last gum assessment?

Choose Dr. George A. Mighion for Dentistry in Mishawaka

Dr. Mighion’s Mishawaka, Indiana dental health team is known for gentle dentistry and dental technology that makes the most of every appointment while keeping you comfortable and relaxed. Regardless of whether you are experiencing gum disease signs, are concerned about bone density and the impact on oral health, or another preventative or cosmetic dental issue, we would be happy to meet with you for a gum assessment and conversation about your oral health needs. Call our office today at 574.216.4064.