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Our Commitment to You

These last few weeks have been challenging to say the least. We have still been here, ready to serve your emergency needs and preparing our practice for the days ahead. As we move forward to open back up for normal day, I wanted to let you know that your safety and well-being have always been our number one priority. We have been thinking of you and hoping that you and your loved ones have remained healthy.

Our team has been busy attending online continuing education with the focus on ensuring that your next visit will be the safest possible.  We have always been diligent on following OSHA’s recommendations on disinfection, but be assured we will now be going above and beyond the current guidelines. 

  1. The waiting room, bathrooms and front desk (door handles, light switches, arm handles, counter top) will be disinfected every half hour.  
  2.  When communicating with you before your appointment we will ask you a number of screening questions pertaining to Covid19.
  3. All magazines have been removed.
  4. Until we have the “all clear”, patients will need to wait in their car rather than the reception area until we let them know we are ready to see them.  If you have someone bring you, that person will need to wait in the car throughout your appointment.
  5.  Your temperature will be taken, hands must be washed and a mouth rinse will be given.
  6.  We have placed air purifiers in all rooms and an ultra violet light on our HVAC systems to kill airborne contaminants. 
  7.  To help with aerosols we have ordered stronger suction devices and Dr. Mighion may elect to use a rubber dam to isolate the tooth or area we are working on.
  8.  Our treatment room counters will be cleared of non-essential items and remaining essential items will be covered.
  9.  To keep the checkout area clear, we will ask for any co-pay before being taken back so you can leave immediately after your appointment. If there is someone already at the checkout counter prior to your appointment, one of our team members will assist you from the operatory.

Thank you for your understanding during these unusual times and let’s pray that we can get back to our normal lives quickly.

Dr. Mighion and team