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Gum Disease and Pregnancy

Vital Information About Your Oral Health During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your body shape isn’t the only thing that changes. Oral changes are a common part of pregnancy and knowledge is power regarding this important issue. Poor oral health could even put you at risk for premature labor.  Gum disease is linked to pregnancy complications as well as a plethora of other problems related to tooth loss and systemic diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes, and more.

At Dr. Mighion’s Mishawaka Family Dental office, we regularly see pregnant women suffering with toothaches and gingivitis. Pregnancy gingivitis is something that should not be neglected. In fact, if you are trying to conceive, a pre-conception check-up is a good proactive approach to help you avoid dental problems during pregnancy.

We can do a gum assessment, dental cleaning and dental exam to see that all is looking good, helping you avoid painful conditions that you are worried about taking medication for as well as dental procedures during pregnancy.

While there are several ways to take care of dental emergencies during pregnancy, it’s ideal to receive certain dental treatments before becoming pregnant, if possible.

Pregnancy and Gum Disease Dangers 

Some women who notice problems with teeth or gums during pregnancy think it’s fine to wait until after the birth to treat those issues. This is often a mistake. If you are already pregnant and have any dental concerns whatsoever, talking to your dentist about them is your best bet to reduce the risk of those problems putting undue stress on your body or putting your pregnancy in any sort of jeopardy.
Bleeding gums, toothaches, sore gums, and / or sores on the gums all warrant a call to Dr. Mighion’s office so that he can review safer options for treatment of dental problems during pregnancy.

More About Bleeding Gums for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy gingivitis is a common problem reported in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy. A dental cleaning is a good idea so that your dentist can assess what might be happening and to deal with any infection that could pose a risk to you and your unborn baby.  Gum disease equates to an ongoing active infection in the bloodstream and while pregnant, your baby is also exposed to that infection. There are non-surgical periodontal treatment options that could help.

Choose Dr. Mighion, Family Dentist

Dr. George A. Mighion and his Mishawaka, IN dental team treat families with preventative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and more. Whether you want to book a pre-conception check-up, are considering a new dentist in the Mishawaka area for yourself and / or your family, or you are pregnant and are concerned about gum disease or other oral health problems we would be happy to help you. We offer a gentle approach to dentistry with modern dental technology and relaxing environment and Dr. Mighion is well-known for great dental reviews from patients in and around the Mishawaka area.

Don’t let gum disease or other dental problems put your pregnancy at risk. Call 574.393.8663 for an appointment.