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TMJ and Headache Help

Get Help with Migraines, Headaches, and TMJ Disorder Symptoms

If you suffer from mild headaches or excruciating migraines, it could be helpful to talk to your dentist. Mishawaka, Indiana cosmetic and family dentist, Dr. George A. Mighion, is well-versed in TMJ treatment options.

TMJ could be the cause of your headaches. TMJ treatment, including a night guard to wear while you sleep, could make a big difference.  And even if you don’t have TMJ, your dentist may be able to help stop migraines and other associated symptoms through TruDenta treatment.

About TMJ Disorder

The temporomandibular joint at the hinge of your jaw could be causing a number of unpleasant symptoms, including: jaw pain, tinnitus (ringing of the ears), ear pain, jaw clicking and /or locking, headaches, and even neck and back pain.  Stress can be a major trigger for TMJ disorder, as it can lead to clenching of the jaw and a resulting headache.

Is Your Jaw to Blame for Your Headaches?

Of course there can be a variety of reasons for repeated headaches and migraines but if you have other TMJ symptoms, your dentist could be the person to talk to.

Our jaws are busy at nearly every waking moment. Eating, chewing, talking, clenching in reaction to something. Jaw alignment could be off.  You could have a bad habit of clenching. Bruxism at night could be putting undue stress on your jaw as well. Trauma to the jaw can also have a lasting effect. A TMJ assessment could be the first step in stopping these headaches and other unpleasant symptoms.

Jaw exercises, a night guard that prevents jaw clenching, anti-inflammatory medications, dental work to improve alignment of your teeth, and other TMJ treatment options, such as TruDenta could all help stop the pain.

About TruDenta

TruDenta is a combination of assessment and treatment methods that assesses your bite / jaw position and offers drug-free tailored help to rehabilitate the jaw without drugs or needles. A variety of options could help, depending on your diagnosis. Ultrasound, trigger point manipulation, cold laser microcurrent treatments are all elements of the TruDenta system that could make a marked difference in just a few appointments.

Migraine relief could be a phone call away.  Call us for an appointment at 574.216.4064.